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The UK-Dirt rules are split into major 2 sections, General UK-Dirt rules that apply at all times, and formula rules which will only apply when racing that specific formula. In some circumstances the formula rules may override the UK-Dirt ones.
Penalties applied for UK-Dirt rule infringements will apply to all formulas, whereas penalties applied to formula rule infringements will generally only be applied to the formula in which the rule was broken.

Rules may be changed at any time during the season as seen fit, but they must appear on this UK-Dirt web site before they come active. Any changes to the rules will be announced on the News Page, and an email will be sent to members.

UK-Dirt General Rules

  • Anyone wanting to compete online must register as a member of UK-Dirt.
  • Anyone registering as a member of UK-Dirt agree to abide by all the rules listed on this page
  • Members will have to register as a driver in each league in which they wish to compete. They are not obliged to register in all or any of them.
  • Once registered as a driver, each member agrees to pay a fee to help pay for the server(s).
  • The membership year runs from 1st March to 28th February, regardless of when you join. Annual fees will be announced through the forum in early January each year.
  • Failure to pay the fee within the period defined at registration will lead to the driver being banned from racing until payment is recieved.
  • All fees are non-refundable, unless agreed by the UK-Dirt Chairman.
  • Once you have registered as a driver and raced, you cannot change your race number in that formula for the rest of the season.
  • If you register a number and wish to change it before you have raced, contact the head admin of that specific league or league's.
  • Once a number has been registered and raced, it cannot be used by another driver that season.
General Ettiquette

  • We want the UK-Dirt leagues to be fun and stress free for all.
    These rules aim to achieve this, and apply to anywhere within the UK-Dirt domain :
    • The Forum
    • The Chatroom
    • Race Servers
  • We will not tolerate swearing or abuse of others for any reason.
    • Disciplinary matters are as follows:
      • Swearing in general - One week ban all mods.
      • Swearing or abuse aimed directly at another driver - Two weeks ban all mods.
      • Abbreviations or starred out swear words:
        • First offence - A warning.
        • Second offence - one week ban all mods.
      • In some circumstances, the general admin team may give a lesser punishment where deemed appropriate.
      • Swearing at, or abusing others, may also lead to a general UK Dirt ban, including the forum, site and chat servers.
  • We will not tolerate squables between members. If there is a dispute/difference of opinion, the UK-Dirt Admin team will make a judgement on the matter.
  • Paid members should not provide anyone with details of the race server passwords and anyone found doing so will be in significant breach of the rules and potentially face a ban.
Unsportsmanlike Conduct

With immediate effect the UK Dirt admin team will be introducing a new rule which will cover unsportsmanlike conduct. Over the past few months, for whatever reason, the leagues have been used by some members to pursue their own agenda. This agenda does not fall into line with the agenda of the UK Dirt admin team and to that extent the admin team will be taking action. The object of this new rule is to punish members who ruin other peoples enjoyment, whether they are racing within the current rules of a specific league or not, or by posting statements either on the forum or in chat. It can also be used for any cross-league feuds. The punishments for breaking this rule will be severe. At the start of this announcement it was stated that the enjoyment of racing in an online league was of paramount importance and this rule is designed to make sure that this is, and always will be, the case.

No single racing incident will be considered under this rule, they will be considered by each league admin on a case by case basis, however where there appears to be unsportsmanlike conduct by one member against another over a reasonable period of time then a charge of unsportsmanlike conduct against that member can be made. Because of the length of time taken to gather all the evidence and the time needed to review it then the member concerned can continue racing until a decision is made.

It is accepted by the admin team that feuds are a part of real life stock car racing and should be apart of online racing, however there will become a point where one member will think it is too much and will then have a right to make a complaint. It is not the admin teams objective to give examples of what constitutes unsportsmanlike conduct, suffice to say that if your enjoyment of racing in the online UK Dirt leagues is suffering due to a particular member then you should collect all the available evidence and then make a complaint.

Whilst the general admin member will be responsible for gathering all the evidence in such cases and liaising with the members concerned, the advice will be sought of all admin members and where driving offences are to be taken into consideration the various discipline committees in place will be consulted for their opinion. In other words the widest opinion available will be sought in order to arrive at the correct conclusion, simply because the punishments will be severe.

General Bans
  • Multiple mod-specific bans received will result in a general ban. Each case will be judged individually and the outcome may vary depending on the level and type of misdemenours and the time period in which they have occured. The general ban could end up to be a life-ban from UK-Dirt.
  • A life-ban will also result in a ban from the UK-Dirt Forum and vice versa.
Name/Number Registrations
  • Returning drivers have priority over nicknames and numbers in all formulas.
  • When a conflict occurs, the new driver will be requested to choose another name/number.
  • If they do not suggest a replacement, they will be removed from the list and will not be able to race until they have re-registered.
  • If the number is being changed, they may request to change all formulas, to maintain a common number throughout.
Racing Rules
The following racing rules apply to all formulas (during practice and during a meeting), unless overridden by that formula's specific rules.
  • You must race in the correct direction at all times.
  • You must stay on the race track. The infield may only be used when parking up.
  • You must not cut the corners, for any reason.
  • You must not deliberately fence another driver. In cases of dispute over the intention to fence, the UK-Dirt Admin team will view all available replays and make a decision.
  • We will not accept 'Kami-Kaze' style driving. Any driver judged by the UK-Dirt Admin team to be doing so will face penalties.
  • No talking once a race has started, this can cause warp.
  • The race is deemed as started when the rolling lap commences. No restarts after this point, No exceptions.
  • Ending of a race should ONLY take place when all results are in.
    Anyone who gets caught ending a race early will be loaded up for the meeting and receive a 3 weeks ban (all mods)
    In the event of a practice-night then only the 3 weeks ban (all mods) will stand off course.In bangers practice however we realise that this rule should be used with some common sense due to not everyone crossing the line to register a result. Therefore DO NOT end the race when there are people still racing round. Allow enough time for all drivers to cross the line should they wish to do so and also a bit extra if there is a DD happening on the bend! We are sure common sense will prevail as it so often does in the bangers!
Race Stewards
Where possible stewards will control races. This may include:
  • Lining up cars before the start of the race (i.e. setting grid order, or grade gaps)
  • Calling the rolling lap and start of the race
  • Restarts as appropriate - typically in the case of jump starts, warp, or other issues
  • Removal of drivers - typically only in the case of warp, talking, or excessive inappropriate behavior
Any actions taken by stewards will be relayed to the race manager of the meeting, who will determine whether any further action is required. Please be aware that a steward cannot watch every driver in each race all of the time, so it will not always be possible to observe and respond to every incident you are involved im. If you disagree with a stewards actions please address the Admin team for the mod, as you would with any other complaint.
Mandatory Downloads
  • You must download and install all of the required files, including game files, patches, skins and tracks. An up to date list for each formula is available on the downloads page.
  • A cheat message will appear if you do not have the correct files installed. If a cheat message appears, you may be penalised.
Internet Connection/Warp
  • All drivers are responsible for ensuring their own internet connection is as free from warp/lag as possible. A guide to reducing warp can be found on the Information page.
  • Any driver seen to be warping during a meeting will receive one warning - any subsequent problems and they will be banned from the rest of the meeting.
  • A 'messer' is someone who messes us about
  • Examples are:
    • Booking in for a meeting, but not attending.
    • Talking un-necessarily in races.
    • Not shutting up after being asked politely
    • Spamming the forum
    • And other dis-courteous actions.
  • You are allowed 3 messer events, after which you will recieve a 1 week ban from all formula.
  • Once a messer, always a messer. After the first ban, it will be repeated after every 2 messer events.
  • Swearing, abuse, and racing incidents are not messer events, and will be dealt with seperately
  • A complaint should be lodged within 2 days after the meeting.
  • All complaints should be in writting (E-mail or PM).
  • Complaints should be send to the admin-member who was RM of the meeting in question.
  • Complaints, which are being lodged in chat, will not be considered as a complaint.
  • The Admin team will respond to the complaint within 4 days after the complaint has been received.
  • The Admin team will inform the driver who lodged the complaint about the results of it: action or no-action taken with a brief explanation.
  • The Admin team will inform the driver who was complaint about of any punishment by PM or mail.
  • The driver can appeal against this decision, but the appeal must be send within 2 days to the Admin team after receiving the decision of the Admin team.
  • The outcome of the appeal is final.
  • A driver may race while under appeal, but should the driver in question misbehave, then the orginal ban will come into affect, only twice as high.

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